Photographers are extremely curious by nature — always looking out for the next best technique or the latest piece of gear.

Throughout seven years of shooting primarily portraits, close friends as well as strangers have asked me for tips on retouching, off-camera lighting, gear purchasing, or ways to turn this creative hobby into a profitable business.

With tremendous passion for razor-thin depth of field and colorful headshots, the desire to share and learn has led to the creation of this blog.

If you enjoy searching Google for topics such as “best canon lens for portraits,” “how to use strobes outdoors,” “ways to market your photography business,” or “how to properly expose a photo,” then you’ve definitely come to the right place. With so many new cameras and lenses being released each year, making sound purchasing decisions can be difficult for many. At Skycrest Photography, our goal is to help match you with the right equipment for your photographic needs.

By sharing valuable content, we hope to build a community of shutterbugs dedicated to helping each other improve and refine their skills. Are there certain topics that you want see more of? What have you been struggling with recently? Share your thoughts with us!

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